In compliance with our policy and contribution towards social development we have been involved in financing and in some instances initiating the social development programmes/initiatives which are all aimed at alleviating the financial difficulties of some of our fellow Namibians.

We have recently identified the following worthwhile causes where there is a need for social development:

Shack dwellers Association: The Shack Dwellers Association ( SDA ) is a network of urban and rural community members in all thirteen regions of our country. The SDA was launched in 1998. In light of the very important contribution the SDA is making in terms of community and in an effort to help the association to realize its goal we make monthly financial contributions to the Association.

Jemimah & Keziah Twin Trust: The Jemimah and Keziah Twin Trust ( JKTT) is a trust that was first intiaited by the founder and trustee of the trust Ms Ekandjo. As an unemployed mother of twins Ms Ekandjo faced a lot of financial hardships. In an effort to assist those that find themselves in similar predicaments she approached Mr J Badenhorst ( Director) to assist her in the formation of the Trust.

Drought Relief: In response to the devastating drought that ravaged the country in 2013 which compromised the food security of close to 300 000 Namibian men, women and children in rural and communal areas, the firm initiated a fund raising drive which initiative successfully raised N$ 100 000.00 towards easing the burden inflicted by the drought on the affected communities.

GAWA (Green Awareness Africa) is a Section 21 (non profit) company which has been set up with the explicit aim of creating, leading and growing the Green Movement in Namibia. Gawa's ultimate goal is to be an agent of change regarding green awareness in Namibia, changing our daily behaviours and attitudes in relation to the impact on our planet. In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, we have joined up with GAWA to recycle the great deal of paper utilized in our firm on a daily basis.

We at ESI inc. do realize and appreciate the fact that we live and conduct business in a society in which the majority of our fellow Namibians are living in less advantaged living conditions.

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